Welcome To Our Virtual Shop Visits

In these socially distanced times we are missing seeing you all in the shop.

One of the great joys about a bricks and mortar stores is those conversations and interactions that take place. Listening to your reactions, chatting to you about your day and seeing the products go to lovely new homes is all part of the magic.

As those of you who have visited before will know, before Covid-19, the interactive nature of the shop was one of our favourite elements of our sunny, little corner spot. Seeing you sat at the stationery bench and chatting to you in the shop was a joy. Many of those things are elements we had removed before our closure to keep you and us safe  However, we still love our happy memories of princess pictures, self-portraits, typed stories of alien invasions in Wales (brilliantly given in installments over various visits) and many a pen and notebook delight that has helped guide people’s chosen selection to take home. Visitors to the shop have swapped stories on their favourite stationery and top tips for starting a journal. Makers chat about their creations and crafts and we’ve loved hearing your discussions about your favourites from the range; when is the best time to light your candles (breakfast candles being one customers brilliant daily treat) and what is your favourite tipple from your Duralex glass?

For us a shop is not just a place to buy things, it is a space to inspire and delight, meet new people, discover new ideas and also to support the places and people we want to see in the world. As you know, the makers and manufacturers behind our range are hugely important to us. These are the people who work really hard to offer beautiful, thoughtful products that make our selection possible. Whether they are an individual maker creating from home or one of the many conscientious manufactures working hard to create their range; they all come into the shop on the beauty of their creations and their ability to meet the broad range of fair and sustainable values that are important to us.

All these people are reliant on their creations to keep going, to make their income, maintain jobs and opportunities, offer creativity and support the communities they work in. When you buy from them you don’t just go home with a beautiful new product and you don’t just support the shop you buy from (which we are also hugely grateful for). You help feed and sustain the people behind the product too. You allow them to grow and explore new ideas. The manufacturer/ maker makes a sales that benefits them, their workers and of course their suppliers. The potter needs to buy more clay, the employers need their workers still, those lovely fair companies we support can put a bit more into their local communities. We think that is a hugely powerful thing and here’s the great thing; that is lovely wonderful you! You do all that when you make your purchases large and small.

We have been blown away by your continued support and generosity; your online purchase and Instagram directed request. Thank you, you’ve helped us pay this months bills, work towards some new orders from our lovely suppliers and keep on track with our plans to go to our new home on Gillygate (see ‘The Next Chapter’ page on the website for more information).

Because of those future plans we had been put on hold our plans to build our online shopping offer. We were working to make sure it reflected the best of both ours and Snowhome’s offer.  That was fine but in a point in time where can’t offer you a chance to buy from us in person we appreciate that means you can’t access all the range we usually offer. We are working on that but we wanted to find a way to reach you and support our suppliers more immediately but also with a bit more of that engaged and interactive feel of an in-person visit.

So, despite a deep fear of on camera appearances, we are really excited to launch our Virtual Shop Visits; a programme of Instagram Stories events offering you a chance to join us on a virtual visit to the shop and to buy selections from the range that we don’t currently offer on our website store.

Each event will take place on Instagram Stories; simply click on our stories on the allocated day and time and you will see us in the shop chatting away and showing you that week’s selection of goods. The first week will be a mixed selection of some of our favourites; each week will have a different focus, stationery weeks, pamper weeks and pottery weeks all being in the offering for the future.

Purchasing will be really simple, you can just direct message us on Instagram to let us know what you would like and we will send you a secure, no-contact online invoice to pay. For our lovely customers in York we are offering local delivery (in the York Outer Ring Road) via the brilliant York Collective cycle couriers. For customers further afield we are using delivery services like UPS to send your items; all our delivery services are working really hard to offer no contact collection and delivery options that help keep us all connected.

The events will see some exclusive bundles or offers so you can also get yourself some nice little treats and, don’t forget, we are offering free gift wrap and messages, direct to recipient cards https://www.owlandmonkey.co.uk/product-category/love-letters/ and discounted delivery (free for orders over £25) for those local York Collective deliveries.

We really hope you can join us for the first event on Monday 25th May at 2 pm. We will announce each event to our mailing list (look out for the link to join that our our homepage) and also on Instagram (follow us owl_and_monkey).

You can also find a good range of our goods on our Trouva page https://www.trouva.com/boutiques/owl-and-monkey-in-yo105at and a small selection on our own online shop https://www.owlandmonkey.co.uk/online-shop/.

We hope to see you soon.