The Goodfellas’ Smile is a young Italian brand driven by a desire to bring high quality soaps and accessories with a contemporary feel to discerning lovers of shaving of all ages.  These Italian-made artisan shaving soaps are classic Italian “croaps” – soft soaps somewhere between the texture of a cream and a traditional hard puck.  The fragrances – which come through during and after use – are hugely evocative of Italy, and the soaps are easy to lather.

Shibusa shaving soap is scented with a classic Italian almond fragrance.  It is also hypoallergenic and suitable for those with sensitive skin and as it is free of Benzoic Aldehyde (a known irritant) this shaving soap is designed specifically for those who cannot use a classic almond scent.

Last chance to buy in this original formulation!





100ml plastic tub


Vegan friendly


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