Osma Bloc d’Alun 75gr.

An alum block is possibly the most useful element of your wet shave kit that you may have never have heard of although it has been used for millennia as a cosmetic.

The claim on box is that it “soothes shaving irritation” and this it does – although there is an initial kick, which is often referred to as “feedback”  But the wonder-block doesn’t stop there: alum is an astringent – we’ve all nicked ourselves shaving and the wound constricting properties of the alum serves to stem the blood flow.  It is also an effective tool as an antiseptic.

Also useful as a pre-shave for electric shavers.

Osma Bloc d’Alun is made and packaged in Craponne by Laboratoires Osma the last French maker of alum stones and a recognised world leader in the field.  They use only natural alum and manufacture to EU and worldwide regulations for cosmetics while trying to operate in a responsible manner supporting local suppliers and reducing their carbon footprint.

Presented in a printed cardboard box.

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