The Edwin Jagger closed comb razor is a modern classic, expertly engineered and finished with a high-quality chrome plate, it has been hugely popular amongst the wet shaving community for many years.  The DE89 head is praised for being an excellent very mild, forgiving choice for those trying traditional shaving for the first time.  It also remains a firm favourite of those who are more experienced shavers.  We have also found it to be popular with women looking to move away from plastic disposable and cartridge alternatives.

This version has the shorter standard handle with and easy-grip knurled design.  The handle is approximately 85mm long and the razor is approximately 93mm long overall.

Like all double edged razors the disposable blade is a simple, inexpensive all metal part – so good for your at-home efforts to reduce single use plastics.  There are also a huge variety of different blades on the market – all have their fans, some suit some skins, some don’t.  But there-in lies another beauty of the double edged razor – you can tune and change your shave which you can’t with a cartridge.


The razor itself is responsibly made in Sheffield, UK in a decent factory which provides decent jobs and comes under EU environmental protection controls.


Presented in an Edwin Jagger cardboard box with paper packing with a singe Feather razor blade.



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Weight 0.2 kg

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