Love Letters – Meet The Artist

Love Letters celebrates the joy of the written word. A mindful moment writing a note to a loved one or friend and the anticipation of sending and receiving news by good old fashioned snail mail.

Each month we are selecting two artists cards to offer online, a changing way to keep in touch and stay connected in these more socially distanced times by using a beautiful card to send your note in.

May’s first Love Letters artist is Elliot Harrison. York artist, Elliot creates illustrations celebrating some of York’s iconic buildings and views. His style is inspired by 20th century vintage travel posters and makes use of bold colours to bring his beautiful designs to greetings cards and poster style prints. They are a cheerful to addition to the post for locals, architecture and travel poster fans alike.

We had a virtual catch-up with Elliot to hear about a day in his life, his work and what he loves about letters.

Morning, lovely to chat to you. What’s the start of your day looking like?

My day started with a walk along the River Ouse. I took in the sight on one of my illustrations, the old Terry’s chocolate factory, with Thomas (my little three year old). Of course, I had to carry him on my shoulders half way through!

Tell us a bit about your usual working day.

I usually spend sometime working on new illustrations. I have a few drawing/ print ideas on the go at any one time so I can rest one to look at with fresh eyes another week and make any tweaks needed then. Currently I have limed spare time, but I usually spend an hour a day sketching or drawing on the PC.

Brilliant, what’s been your daily happy boost for the lock down?

Chocolate, fresh coffee and alternating days of running, cycling and Joe Wick’s workouts.

Fabulous, well it sounds like you have earned that chocolate. Can you tell us about about you and your work?

I love drawing bright, colourful landscapes and architecture that I see locally in York. I also enjoy hand making lino prints and I design running medals for a local running company.

That sounds great, so how did you get into this line of work?

I have a degree in art and design and spent most of my career using these design skills. Recently, moving back to York, I started drawing again and was welcomed into a thriving art community in York.

As a card designer it must be lovely to see your designs bringing joy to people. What do you think makes good old snail mail so special?

I think it is the surprise of getting a greetings card with a personal message. Many customers also frame a selection of my cards which is great to see.

So, do you have any favourite letter memories?

I used to love birthday invitations as a child and postcards from school friends.

Oh yes, we love a postcard too. So, can you tell us your other simple pleasures?

Parkruns – I love meeting my friends for some competitive running. One of my favourites is Dalby Forest and Fountains Abbey here in Yorkshire.

So, what is next for you? Do you have any exciting projects or plans you can share with us?

I have so many ideas! Enough for the next few years. I am going to draw West Bank Park in York in a similar style to my other park cards.

Lovely, thanks for sharing all of that. So,what’s your top tip for an at home supper to round of the day?

I do love an M&S meal deal! My partner is pregnant so I get to drink all the wine too, haha!