This Is You. Or Is It Me? Curiosity Number 1 28th Februrary – 31st March.

Welcome to Curiosity Number 1; the first of a series of exhibitions, each exploring a new idea; a concept for the curious mind. Because, for us, an opportunity to discover new  ideas and creative inspiration is an important part of a happy home and life. 

We start the series by delving into the idea of our sense of self and others. 

Pablo Picasso once asked ‘Are we to paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face, or what’s behind it?’

This small showing is promoted by a long standing interest in this thought, or moreover with the idea that what the artist ultimately presents is a meeting of what is seen, what is perceived and what is in the head of the hand responsible for the end result that we, the audience, sees.

This exhibition of paintings, prints and sculptures ranges from totemic representations through caricature to realism. Information is provided about the artists where we have it and pieces are individually priced.

The exhibition will run until 31st March.