About Us

Our Story

Husband and wife team Helen & Matt set-up Owl & Monkey to offer a place where you can find the little things, those simple pleasures that spark joy in your daily life.

Evoking the senses, gladdening the heart

For us, your home is an important space for this to happen in and we believe the objects you share your nest with should inspire and delight and help you appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

We are about taking time to pause and enjoy the every day, about making the daily routine bring a little smile to your day.

Quiet contentment through utilitarian homeware

So, here at Owl & Monkey, you will find a carefully chosen range of responsibly sourced objects and things for your home and home life. Items that are beautiful and useful, items to love, inspire and delight; where the skills or passion of the people and considerate manufacturers behind them adds to their story and, most importantly, items that we think make the everyday enjoyable.

A blend of passions

We hope that our online store offers just a small slice of the storybook shop we have worked to create here in York. A place of wonder, delight and joy where the talent and passion of the people behind our range is an important part of the experience. A conscious consumer experience where beautifully made and thoughtfully designed products can be open to all and where the simple pleasures in life can be celebrated.

Suppliers and sources who care

Many of our suppliers have had decades of experience in crafting their products. We work with third-generation brush manufacturer, owned by the same German family for more than 75 years. Our Italian stationers chooses renewable materials for every one of their notebooks. Closer to home, our chocolatier conjures up delicious concoctions in beautiful South Wales.

We source products from UK, Germany, Italy and Japan from those who match our ethos of sustainability and having strong links with their local community.