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Pre-Columbian American carved stone figure


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This super carved-stone figure is easily the oldest thing we have in stock at the moment. 

It is a primitive stylized depiction of a seated man & we think a rather wonderful thing.  As a rather lovely & accessible piece of early American art it stands well on its own, but it is quite remarkable to stop and think about what those blind stone eyes have seen - when he was new Columbus has not encountered the Americas & England may very well still have had a Plantaganet king on the throne! 

We believe that it was made by one of the Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican / Mexican cultures.  It is possibly Aztec - there are definite material & stylistic indicators, but we can't find an exact comparision piece to confirm this.  It may, originally have been used within ancestor worship - I have seen suggestions that the indent in the top was intended to hold votive offerings.  Sadly we have no detailled provenance with it, but it was bought at auction directly from a long-standing & diverse collection of art, antiquities & ethnographica.

He measures approximately 18cm tall - a little larger than many other surviving examples.



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