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Large carved African mask


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Super striking large carved vintage wooden mask with traces of paint to the face. 

At Owl & Monkey we're not specialists in the field of ethnographica, but after much research we believe that it is West African in origin given its general construction and the animal (crocodile?) carving to the crown, although stylistically we can find nothing very similar.  We don't know for sure how old it is, but given the loose history we got with it we don't believe that its a particualrly recent thing - it was probably made no later than the early 20th century.  As such, we think that its an object that offers a very tactile glimpse into a very rich and fascinating cultural world of masquerades, ancestor & spirit worship and personal adornment. 

Together with this, of course, it is a rather wonderful decorative object in its own right, an one that will beautifully accompany anything from the sleekest of modern, through the best of mid-century design to the truly antique.

It is 45cm tall 33cm wide and 18cm deep.

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