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About Us

Husband and wife team, Matt and Helen, set-up Owl & Monkey to offer people a place to enjoy the simple things; all based around a happy home that encourages us to re-connect with the simple pleasures of life.

In a high speed age of immediate results and changing trends, Owl & Monkey is about taking time to go slow, enjoy the everyday and be thankful for the small things.

A home that offers the sanctuary and space to do this is important to us; a space that isn't on-trend but is your trend, that inspires and delights and simply has beautiful objects for everyday use and enjoyment.

We also believe this place of joy and shared experience; the space for the memory makers deserves a good foundation. So, it is important to us to source items with a story to tell; items that support others skills, creativity, heritage or dreams. 

So, at our shop in York and on our website you will find a curated selection  of simple, useful, well-designed items for you and your home where the heritage, love and skills of the makers and companies behind them means perhaps they can do good things for us all.